Our tools - business offer

The team of sales and technical specialists of PrimaKolor Car Refinishes has created a professional distribution network throughout Poland. We focus on developing sales of the Lesonal brand to premium segment body shops. The potential of business partners and the years of experience have enabled us to develop this innovative product line in Poland. 

Our deliveries are fast, timely and reliable. With our products you will be successful and your customers happy !

More than a job 

The persons developing and supplying Lesonal products and the support departments work with genuine passion, being aware that you and your team also want to achieve the best results. Our team’s professional insight and years of experience can determine the success of your body shop. And we will be happy to prove this to you!

Effective and beneficial cooperation between our team and our customers depends on the proper use of Lesonal products, which is why we do focus on training and demos. We listen carefully to feedback from our customers to be able to understand the challenges they are facing and to adjust our solutions to their needs. While selecting business partners we search people who share the same drive, passion and enthusiasm for the business as we do .

Colour matching precision

Matching the right colour is always a challenge due to the differences in application, the variety of car models and manufacturing locations, the increasing number of colours and paint versions. Lesonal uses the vast experience of AzkoNobel, thanks to which our customer have access to the most recent colour formulations.

A global team of specialists keep working in labs and body shops, using their knowledge and skills to enable you to match colours perfectly.

Digital precision

We keep working on making the colour matching process as efficient, reliable and easy as possible. Data digitalization and colour tools development make the colour matching practical, faster and more precise. There are visible advantages of digital colour matching thanks to Automatchic, our portable spectrophotometer, defining the colour faster than ever before.

Additionally, by using the QuickMix software, you have access to regular colour formulation access, the latest digital technology of colour visualisation and other functionalities enabling you to control the colour mixing process.