The Lesonal brand offer includes a complete product range dedicated for car refinishing. It consists most of all: basecoats, clear coats and topcoats, as well as primers, thinners, putties, hardeners and wash primers/ degreasers.

Below we present selected items of a wide product range. Very soon we will present the complete product range. The Lesonal Product Brochure can be dowloaded here Katalogu Produktowego Lesonal.


Lesonal Basecoat WB GT

What comes to mind when you hear the initials GT? Gran Turismo? Porsche GT, Maserati G Tor Alfa Romeo GT? The “GT” in Lesonal Basecoat WB GT stands for speed, power, perfection, and the performance beyond expectations. An extremely high level of quality matched with very short process times!

Lesonal Basecoat WB GT, the new pigment and binding technology of the unique water based paint system will give full power to your paint shop. The system enables invisible for the customer and extremely durable repairs.

System advantages
  • Short flash off time between basecoat and clearcoat, i.e. shorter process times per job, higher throughput, lower Energy consumption, and thus increased body shop profitability
  • Universal basecoat for all repair types, i.e. easy in application and achieving top results every time
  • Easy blending
  • Fast drying
  • Great colour accuracy resulting in customer satisfaction

Clear Coats

Lesonal 2K Titanium Clear

2K Titanium Clear, based on the latest patented binder technology, offers exceptional drying speed and top appearance quality.
The product enables adjusting the process parameter to the work organization and repair type – from a spot repair to an entire respray, thus ensuring increased flexibility and throughput of a body shop. 
Product advantages
  • Unbeatable drying speed: 15 minutes at 60°C (Thinner Fast), 30 minutes at 40°C (Thinner Fast), i.e.:
    - time saving 
    -more effective spray booth use
  • Excellent through hardening, i.e.:
    - immediate polishing after baking
  • Perfect OEM finish, i.e.:
    - satisfied customers 
  • Longer potlife (1.5 or more), i.e.:
    - less waste


Lesonal 2K Graphite Filler

Lesonal 2K Graphite Filler is an excellent filling primer suitable for sanding or wet on wet application. Three colours: white, black and grey assure maximized topcoat coverage. Graphite Filler parameters include also short drying time and excellent flow . 

Product advantages
  • Very good sprayability
  • Good filling properties
  • Available in 3 colours, i.e.:
    - grey shades concept for the best coverage
  • Short drying time, i.e.:
    - maximized efficiency
  • Excellent flow
  • Suitable for direct application on original e-coatings (without sanding)

Ready to use systems

1K Etch Primer RTS

One component, chromate free etching primer surfacer in aerosol for general use in repairing cars and light commercial vehicles.

  • Fast drying
  • Good anti-corrosion protection
  • Excellent adhesion of the paint system

1K Primer Filler RTS

One component primer for refinishing automotive parts or cars, motorcycles and other vehicles .

  • Very fast drying time
  • Easy in application
  • Available in three colours